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When To Re-Order: Steer #2
May 17, 2008, 3:23 pm
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Re ordering a whole steer is not as easy as calling Ottomanelli, where we have been getting meat for nearly 20 years. At any given point you are at least a few weeks away from taking delivery of any new orders. Since our steer comes butchered and frozen, it is entirely possible to be two weeks away from running out of meat, and there would be nothing to save us from running out of grass fed beef and still be a week away from restocking. It takes a week to schedule an kill day, which happens to be Wednesdays at our processor, so if you order it Monday, it’s going to be nine days before they can kill. Then it has to hang for 2 weeks. This is not, apparently, the same as dry-aging, they call it aging. I am trying to keep up. Then, after hanging for 2 weeks to the day (the place takes it down the meat at 14 days exactly.)

The day after we received steer #1, we placed an order for steer #2.

This brings up a discussion about how old steer are when they are butchered. Lonnie Schaeffer said that in a tensile test, 14 month old steer is 30% tenderer than 16 month old steer. Now, a steer, as you may remember from another post, is a bull that has had his testicles removed at a young age. The steer is earmarked as beef early on. If he doesn’t look like a prize bull by the time he’s 3 months old, he’s in the meat pile and ready for slaughter at 14-16 months. This is a tender steer, and the prime cuts need to be used and appreciated. However, if one wanted to grind a whole animal for burger, as I want to do for number 2, there are many more options than a prime 14 month old steer.

Cows, for example, after they have birthed a few calves, are excellent for burger. So is a 20 month old steer. I’m not sure how old our second steer is, but he is taking a hit for us on Wednesday, and we get him delivered on June 1st. He’s going to be all burger.

Now, how to think about number 3! I would hate to run out of other cuts. I think I will order it next week, just to have a week’s time to get my bearings on #2.


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