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How We Deal on #3
May 19, 2008, 8:04 pm
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So…today we ordered #3. In looking over the breakdown of cuts, I decided to change how we fabricate the next prime cut steer. Steer #2 is going to be all burger. (The all burger steer is a little older, like 18 months I would guess, as opposed to a more tender 14 month old. The difference, apparently, in tensile tests between a 14 month old and an 18 month old steer is about 30%; the older steer is 30% tougher, that is.) The loading up on burger meat will assure that we don’t run out of burgers and meatloaf before getting in another steer. We will also be able to start serving grass fed burgers in Brooklyn, at our 2nd store.

As for the third steer, here is how we will break it down:

Rib eye; Strip; Tenderloins; Flank Steak; Skirt; Brisket; Short Ribs; Chuck Roasts; Sirloin Roasts; Tri-Tips. And all the rest will be burger.


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