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Things that go better with Grass Fed Burgers
May 20, 2008, 1:51 pm
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One could argue that the pinnacle of American Cookery is the “Burger and a Coke”. Both of these items have been caught up in a whirlwind of scandal, a crossfire of scuttlebutt, and both and each are being blamed for all kinds of problems with the American way of life. Soda has made us fat; burgers are making us fat; soda uses a lot of corn; burger cows are bulked up unhealthily on corn. I am not the one qualified to go into much detail on this subject, but there are those out there making the case.

At Bubby’s, we have kicked king corn in to the granary on both accounts: our burgers and soda are corn-free!

Having been in the soda pop business (with Loco Soda) a few years back, it was within my realm of possibilities to go through the “flavor house” process of formulating soda pop. In 2000, while Loco Soda was going strong, I spent the money and time formulating sodas for Bubby’s. The formulas were
made for 100 gallon batches using HFCS (high fructose corn syrup.) About the time Gerry and I started talking about beef sources, we joked that it would be great to have our own burger and our own cola. It dawned on me, after not thinking about soda pop for a few years, that I had these formulas. I actually spent about $20k formulating them. So I called the flavor house and asked them to reformulate using cane sugar, and for five gallon batches. We are now serving our own cola, root beer, ginger beer, and a host of fresh fruit sodas.

When I see a burger and a cola going out to the table, I actually feel pride swelling in my gut. I know that that sometimes precedes a fall. But it’s not that kind of pride. It actually feels like some kind of national pride, in some way I feel like I am doing my part as a citizen to make burgers and soda better, hoping that a better chef than I am picks up the ball and runs farther and cooler than I am able.


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Great move! I like soda so much better without the HFCS. Is there any chance Loco Soda might come back?

Comment by The Green Cat

Green Cat, I just bought chilis to make the loco syrup. The soda is really good. The fresh squeezed Loco is going to be insane; way way way better than bottled Loco, which was sweetened with HFCS because I didn’t know any better back then. It should be ready tomorrow.

Comment by bubbyswhollycow

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to come have a locorita!

Comment by The Green Cat

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