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Supplemental Burger
May 26, 2008, 1:28 pm
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Saturday I went to the farmer’s market at Union Square to see if I could source some ground beef to get me through until June 9th, when we will take delivery of a burger steer. The farmer, who I have spoken with before, is always throwing out warnings about the ethics of cow farmers, and that there is no way to get 20% fat for an 80-20 burger mix. He said he would not be able to provide us with ground beef for any less than the $7 a pound he was charging, and that, in fact, he was about to raise his price due to the fact that some late frost made the pasture freeze and he was supplementing with hay. He did, he said, know an Amish farmer who may be able to supply us with 200lbs. He called this morning and we have 200lbs coming next Saturday, so I will be out of grass fed ground beef until then.

It is my hope that when we get into a rhythm, we will not run out again, but this is a hope that will have to be brought into reality with a steep learning curve. It takes weeks to re-up on fresh beef.

Our man Ken Jaffe is already lining up animals 4-6 for us. Number 5 and 6 will be slaughtered together, and we will take delivery of them both at the same time. This already puts us well into August. That is working very far in advance for us.


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