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New Burger Saturday
May 29, 2008, 7:05 pm
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On Saturday, Farmer Ron from PA will deliver us 200lbs of chopmeat. He is a typical farmer in that, from our city point of view, he is a pain in the ass. He deserves, no doubt, to cast himself as an expert in the field of grass fed beef. He has, as he points out, been in the beef business since he was five, when he got his first cow. He’s finished n grain, he’s finished on corn, he’s finished on grass. I suggested that he may know how to grow beef, but he does not know how to cook so well, and that I would be happy to talk to him. His advice for cooking was to cook on a very low temperature. It is true that one does not want to overcook this meat; it tastes very dry hen you do. But starting meat in a pan that is not practically smoking is a sin, as there is no way to get a good crust on the meat in a cool pan. Farmer Ron seemed somewhat open to the discussion, but, as he said, he has thrown out a lot of meat learning to cook it. We have thrown out zero meat here. That sounds arrogant, and it probably is, but once again, it is the object of this blog to be helpful. No one wants to eat a steamed burger or steak.

As far as the farmer attitude goes, it is understandable. For nearly a decade, farmers have been marginalized, overly regulated, and pushed aside. This country used to be 83% agrarian. Now it is 2% agrarian. This seems like a dangerous state of affairs. These small farmers are the unthanked angels who have protected our farms and husbandry as best they could. Until ten years ago, they had to sell for less than they probably had into their goods, or at least at a meager subsistence. Now, it is understandable that the farmers would want to gloat a little: see, you needed us after all. And they are right. But there are those out there who would rather have used those little farmers all along, but they were impossible to find, and when one found them, they were too small to deal with for a restaurant, and too paranoid when the conversation started to roll. Goodwill is what is required for the relationship between small farm and end user to thrive.

So, farmer Ron and his pedantic burger will be here Saturday. Whew. It feels really crappy serving regular, prime, grade A meat. It just does.


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