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The Jewel of the Steer: Barbeque Brisket (Gerry Loses His Mind)
May 30, 2008, 1:00 pm
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Sad to report, there was a lot of arguing, debate, discussion, and good old jumping up and down about what to do with the two little briskets from our first steer. The cuts are dwindling: the rib eyes will be gone by this weekend, the strip loin: gone, same with the tenderloins. The briskets were, as reported here, a hot topic.

One factor is chef ego. I did not feel like discussing the preparation of the briskets that much. Gerry was fretting and frothing at the mouth for grass fed barbecue brisket, so as to see how it behaves: “I say babecue both of them so we can really see how they behave.” “I know how they’ll behave,” I lied. “We can do one barbecue and one as pot roast,” I demurred. Maybe you wouldn’t call it that.

So, of course that’s what we did. A pot roast on Wednesday, and barbecued brisket last night.

They were both excellent, according to all reports. I did not get a chance to try either first hand, but Gerry did, and I will relay what he said as best I can: The pot roast was good, but too juicy to tell the difference between grass-fed and regular meat. The barbecue was out of this world, he said.

One big difference in the grass-fed brisket is the fat content, especially in the deckle. thats the very fatty and odd piece of meat attached to the much leaner and more substantial part of the brisket. The deckle was about an inch thick, as opposed to the usual 3-4″ thick on a regular commercial brisket. There was hardly any fat in it, but the structure was wide grained and juicy. The lean was very lean, with no visible grain, and it tasted like something (and I quote Gerry here) “other-worldly”. Ok Gerry. Come on back to earth, dude, there’s barbecue sauce on the corner of your mouth.


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this blog is great. i hope u keep it going. i live in bkyn hts and visit dumbo store often. i hope the new batch of grassfed lasts til i can make it in.

Comment by seth

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