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What’s Left to Cook?
May 31, 2008, 9:52 pm
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With the end in sight for steer number 1, here is what remains in the freezer:
8lbs of short ribs, 10 or so lbs of kabob meat (which is going into some spicy Bart’s Chili tomorrow,) 30lbs of soup bones, the tail, the tongue, the liver. That’s about it. We went to make marrow bones and some diligent porter had thrown them out. These ofal parts are small. The tail is going into oxtail soup, so I will use the bones for beef stock. Usually I would make veal stock, but I guess my veal days are over. The tongue is going to be brined and smoked next week (I keep saying that, by the way.)

This first steer has been an incredible cooking experience. Going forward, I feel confident that the whole steer is a great way to cook beef. A certain regard for the entire thing is an amazing chefual experience.


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I agree… if you like tongue check out this method


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