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We Are Not The Only Ones! (a whole cow companion far away)
June 4, 2008, 9:25 pm
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Mr Pollan rightly pointed out a few weeks ago that Oliveto (in San Francisco) was taking in whole sides of beef, “Paul Casales over at Oliveto is hanging carcasses” is what he said exactly. I wrote to Mr Casales, and he wrote back. He didn’t say yet if it was ok to post his email, but no harm, no foul I say, and I hope everyone who reads this goes there and eats because his menu looks really good: amazingly constructed and tasty to the ear. Here is his email

Ron… Yes, we do procure the entire beef animal,
as we do pork, lamb, and all of our fish and poultry. As you
intimated, the fun is in working with the entire animal of each type,
figuring out what to do with each part as we progress through the
animal. I can’t imagine working any other way.

Again, thank you for your interest, and let us know when you are
coming in next so we can meet you in person.



Mr Casales is going to be taken up on that invitation.


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