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Whole Cow #2: The Burger You Eat May Be Your Own!
June 4, 2008, 5:44 pm
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Our second animal is ground into burger now. From 860 Lbs hanging weight, we got 436 Lbs of burger. Since Saturday we have been serving Farmer Ron’s Union Square ground beef. His burger is very good. Perhaps it is emotional, but I prefer Jaffe’s burger. Certainly the burger from the prime finished steer (#1) was worth noting, as were the prime cuts, and what I am calling slow cuts, or tougher cuts. Cow 2 was an animal that was taken out of circulation for some reason (I believe this is how it is to be understood.) For example, a cow that produces calves for two or three years and then fails to do so is taken out of circulation. I like the Orwellian phraseology of “taken out of circulation”. It very much brings to mind the imminence of mortality. And as strange as it seems, it feels very much more like dealing with “part of the family” when considering these animals. Snooze? I’m just saying.

At any rate, as soon as Cow 2 shows up, I am basically out of prime cuts from steer 1, and having been out of ground beef for a week, and having had to shore up with 200 pounds of Union Square beef, I am eager to stock up. We have another animal being slaughtered tomorrow, which will hang for two weeks. The following Monday we will have prime cuts again. As stressed as I usually would be regarding suppliers getting me my fucking meat, I do not feel at all like that about this beef, member of the family and all. I feel like I am willing to do whatever it takes to figure this thing out with Jaffe. Besides the fact that it would not go over well if I asked Mr Jaffe where the fuck my meat is, it is not that kind of relationship. What I mean to say is, say Ottomanelli, with whom I have done business for 20+ years, is late delivering my boxes of meat, i can call up and say: WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS? I AM FREAKING THE FUCK OUT… etc, etc. It’s kind of a chef thing. Usually you follow it up with yelling at the nearest waiter… I guess the difference is, it wouldn’t make any difference. No one can go any faster here, and there is a steep learning curve. Each decision is a big one, and it does actually cost a life to make it. Snooze again? Just saying.


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