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Heated Debate on How to Cut the Next Steer
June 12, 2008, 4:19 pm
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Gerry and I have been heatedly and amiably and fraternally debating how to cut up our third steer, which was butchered last Wednesday and hangs in a meat locker while its afterlife is being decided. Kabobs were a sore topic. I think they are great little appetizers. As a restaurant owner, it is important to have cools apps for many reasons. For one thing we have been selling the peanut crusted kabobs for $2 a piece. The weigh from one to two ounces a piece. Call it 1 1/2 ounces. Dollar for dollar it makes more sense to put it into burger. But, the case could be made that it would be better value to grind everything into burger. Balancing the business end with the artistic, or craftier side of food, I want everyone to have a little taste of the grassy beef. And the kabobs are tasty. But we make more money from having it turned into burger.

A decision has to be made by next Wednesday.

The chuck roasts are also debatable. They smoke really well, and sliced thin, served cold or hot on a sandwich, they are really tasty. But the chuck on the grass fed beef is very lean, and very beefy. Normally one would grind it all. But, since we only get 2 briskets, and barbecue is one of Bubby’s signature items, it is difficult not to take some of the meat and use it in that capacity. We do get a lot of short ribs, and they smoke up really well. But they are great fifteen or a million different ways. It would be painful to commit all the short ribs to the smoker. This may be because this is the very first time I have ever really appreciated how amazing short ribs are. They have become a great play toy for experimenting.

And the truth is, we need a lot of burger. So I am willing to forgo the kabobs.
The chucks…not so fast. I want those. And so, the argument is, which secondary cuts do we keep whole, and which do we have burgered? One more minor argument is whether or not to have the long ribs cut with some extra meat on them so we can make barbecue beef ribs It seems like a waste to cut into a rib eye or a strip loin to make meatier ribs. On the other hand, beef ribs, crusty, black, gooey, and sweet, are a thing of beauty. Decisions must be made. Here seems like a possible answer:

Keep all primes: Rib Eyes, Strip Loins, Tenderloins, Flank, Skirt

Keep these secondaries: Brisket, Short Ribs, Flanken, Tri-Tips, Sirloin Roasts, Tail, Shanks, Marrow Bones,and, I suppose, discuss what it means to have the ribs come out meatier with the butcher to see if he thinks it is insane. He probably won’t care that much.

The rest is burger.

I suppose if we want to run peanut crusted beef kabobs I will have to give up one of the sirloins or skirts. (Speaking of skirt steak, the fajitas were a big hit last night.)


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