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Oxtail Soup!
June 12, 2008, 7:15 pm
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I have been slow to use any of the offal. As many times as I said it was tongue week, I have a tongue still in the freezer. One problem is that the butcher cut the tongue in half for some reason. I keep thinking it is ruined. Then I think the reason I am thinking that is because I have never made tongue before, and I want it to be great.

The oxtail is not considered offal, but it is the tail end of the steer. It made for a lovely oxtail soup today. I was a little concerned to make that in this weather; who wants oxtail soup when it’s 100 degrees outside. But, along with a big crusty chunk of garlic bread, it seems to be a hit. I think I will make cold borscht with oxtails with the next steer, which is coming in ten days or so.

So, this next week will be the perfect time to do the heart, and the liver. I think I will make chopped liver, and I think I will pickle the heart, then slice it thin, bread it in cornmeal, and fry it. I have never eaten heart, but I hear it is delicious. As for the kidney, it may be bypassed, until it is steak and kidney pie season. I have never had that either, and I want to make it good. Guess I better get my own offals up and get crackin’


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