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Loco Soda is ALIVE
June 13, 2008, 4:55 pm
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Some years ago, we ventured into the bottled beverage business with a product called Loco Soda. It was the only soda in the world made with fresh juice. Due to many reasons, we got killed in the marketplace. Mostly because a company needs to spend millions on marketing and making doodads like coasters, stickers, point of purchase crap, and other garbage. Also, as one marketer told me, the market does not care about quality. If I could have hired Farah Fawcett to rep the thing…maybe. Or Christey Brinkley, or whoever is hot and modelly, maybe. But, just after 9/11/01 the thing died, all financing dried up, and we could no longer keep up with 34 states worth of plastic stickers and electric nipple clamps and dangling participles and payola and all the superfluous stuff that goes along with marketing products in America.

Loco is back at Bubby’s. Each one is made by hand from scratch. We still have some stickers left from before if you need one to entice you to try it. But, use your head instead, and try it. Loco is the thinking mans cocktail, with no alcohol. It has an amazing chili pepper kick from habanero, jalapeno, and serrano chilis.


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Dude, this is awesome. I am wearing my loco soda shir right now. How can I get some today.

Comment by Ed

You may not believe this, but you guys made a commercial that sort of spoofed Spanish Television. It had a man and woman arguing over whether Loco Soda was “delicioso” or “caliente” and then a man dressed as a baby enters to end the argument. I was that man-baby!!!! I have been trying to find a version of this commercial for years to no avail! Please contact me if you can! Thanks!

Comment by Vincent Campisi

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