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Calculated Usage of Steer in the Future
June 15, 2008, 5:31 pm
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One of the difficult things about buying whole steer is being able to plan out how many head of steer we will actually need in a month, quarter, or even trying to see out as far as a year. One issue is our burger sales have gone up 50% since we started serving the Grass Fed Beef. Ken Jaffe has a small herd of 65 animals. And we trust him. Not just because he’s mishpucha (yiddish sp?), and not just because he was a doctor and therefore must have taken the oath of Hippocrates, but because he seems to have trust for us Bubsters. No one wants to deal with someone who lacks trust. Because his herd is so small, it requires very good communication to assure not running out of, at the very least, hamburger meat. So I am trying very hard to get a handle on what we will need, but I cannot predict how our volume of GFB will grow, especially when we hit the autumn and more and more people find out we are serving it. It takes several weeks to process an animal, so if we run out, we are SOL until Ken can arrange an animal to be slaughtered (they can only be killed on Wednesday,) hanged for two weeks, butchered, frozen, and delivered. It’s a lot to keep in mind.

So here is what our best guess is, based on current usage: We will be going through two Prime Finished Steer, and one steer that will be 100% burger every month. It’s hard to believe we will go through three whole cows a month, and we haven’t even started in Brooklyn yet. I am moving ahead with faith that Ken Jaffe will be able to deliver on the goods. From conversations with him it is obvious that a) he is going to do his best to do so, and b) he feels confident about it, and c) that he will be involved with our decision-making process should he fall short. I am convinced that the only way to work with the farmer is to really work with him, like a partner. This takes a lot of the cantankerousness out of buying food. That’s good for me because I have been a chef for a hundred years and I am sick of haggling over the price of hoohaws and widgets all the time. What I mean to say is, this takes away the game of paying one vendor off another (always fun and mean) and makes it so the handshake is the thing that binds.

Here is what it seems like we will use, based on current usage, plus a little padding.


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