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Chopped Beef Liver
June 20, 2008, 8:00 pm
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Ken Jaffe offers his thoughts on liver, which are very interesting. And Linda Jaffe offers us her recipe for Grass Fed Beef Chopped Liver, and it looks really good. We are running it tonight.

Hi Ron,

Since you have braved the heart, I thought you would like Linda’s chopped liver recipe.

First on liver. It ‘s the first item that predators go after, all that muscle meat comes later. But somehow for us humans the liver seems to end up, like in your situation, the last thing in the freezer. Liver is chocked full nutrients—iron, vitamins and a complex array of proteins. My dogs go crazy when I take it out of the freezer and its still solid at minus 15 degrees. Somehow they know.

The liver that has been staring back at you in the freezer has a purity that you cannot really buy in the store. The liver is the “first pass” organ, so all the junk we feed livestock goes directly from the gut through the liver to be removed before entering the general circulation and tends to stay in the liver. Feed lots and grain make the liver accumulate abnormal amounts of toxins and fat. The liver you have to work with has never seen those toxins. Liver purity.

People react one of two ways to chopped liver. Some get the warm faraway look that comes from comfort food. Other have the narrowed eye stare of unfamiliarity mixed with horror.

Hopefully there are enough of the former coming in. With a name like Bubby’s there probably are.

For one pound of liver.

Saute liver in canola oil till cooked thru but still tender.

Carmelize about 4-5 big onions (“cannot have too many onions”) till they are starting to burn a bit.

Hard boil 4 eggs.

Cool everything.

Linda chops by hand in a wooden bowl and a curved chopper from her own Bubby. She adds mayo, salt and pepper to taste.

She also adds some chicken fat skimmed from soup and frozen and saved, or if she doesn’t have that she uses a chicken bullion cube dissolved in a tiny amount of water.

Serve with crackers, or on rye with tomato and/or onion. Or get fancy with cornichons and chopped onion.




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You make it sound like liver is bad That its full of all the bad things filtered out of our food we eat.

Comment by Jennifer

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