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What we did with our hog
November 29, 2008, 4:30 pm
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The first animal is always difficult for us because we have to decide what to do with it.  Also, communicating with the farmer, who has to communicate with the butcher, can be like playing telephone at a birthday party. I had made some decisions to smoke the hams, the loins (for Canadian bacon), the jowls, hocks, and bacon.  The picnics were to be for Cuban sandwiches and pork taquitos in green chili, and then we had some weird shoulder chops left, and some breakfast sausage. I also kept the skin to make cracklings for bar snacks.

We were missing the Canadian bacon and the sausage for some reason… So I am waiting until Monday to speak with Mark Jaffe about the missing cuts

Our hog man, Mark Jaffe, works with a processor who smokes with no nitrites.  This being the case, the hams and bacon are not as smokey as I would like.  I am not opposed to nitrites, so next time I am going to try to get some smokier meat from the smokehouse.

So… here is what we got from a 300+ pound hog (we are definitely missing a box of meat):
neck bones    2.82 and 1.29
Country ribs    2.29 and 2.47
Spare Rib    3.81
pork loin    7.23, 8.13, 6.75, 8.1
Pork Bones    3.83
Ham    28.31, 28.59
Jowls    6.87
bacon    11.33 and 11.7
skin    40
tenderloins    3.6
Shoulders    32.8
For a total weight of 209.92


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